Point-of-Care Technologies


Novel photonic point-of-care (PoC) methods allow a risk analysis of age and lifestyle-related diseases within minutes – ideally for a combination of several diseases simultaneously. The goal is fast and reliable diagnosis using samples that are easy to collect (e.g., sputum, urine, and tear fluid) in order to save costs and offer patients noninvasive and thus gentle screening methods.

In particular, modular chip-based platforms – so-called lab-on-a-chip systems – are being researched and developed by Leibniz Health Technologies. Via miniaturization and automation this technology is designed to make the daily routine in hospitals and clinical practices more efficient and ultimately to make it possible to carry out tests at home.

Microfluidic systems are combined with optoelectronic and photonic measurement systems to detect disease-specific information. To make the routine diagnostic process in the hospital, clinical practice, and ultimately in home testing more efficient, it is important to have devices that are robust and easy to operate.

Associated Projects