Young Leibniz Researchers for HealthTech Innovations

06.06.2023, 11.00 Uhr22.00 Uhr | Zentralheize, Erfurt

The workshop “Young Leibniz Researchers for HealthTech Innovations” is bringing together Leibniz PhD students and early stage postdoctoral researchers to discuss their ideas and concepts for translation of new technologies into medical devices.

The all-day workshop will take place on 06. June 2023 in Erfurt. We are inviting 25 Leibniz PhDs and postdocs from various fields such as medicine, biology, chemistry, engineering, computer science, material science, but also social science and economics, to discuss how these interdisciplinary strengths of the Leibniz Association can create impactful solutions in healthcare.

Registration phase is over.
Attendance is limited to selected candidates.

This event will provide young researchers a platform to showcase their research and to gain new insights in interactive idea pitch formats. Additionally, Leibniz founders will present their technology concepts and their career paths from research to founding their own startup. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with these founders and learn from their experiences.

A graphic recording will visually keep track of all the ideas and discussions during the workshop and an evening lecture followed by an informal get-together to conclude the workshop, which is being held at the awesome “Zentralheize” venue in Erfurt – a former central heating plant turned into a modern event location.
The workshop is organized by the Leibniz research alliance "Leibniz Health Technologies".

We welcome applications from all Leibniz Institutes, with 15 slots being reserved for partner institutes of Leibniz Health Technologies.

Attendance is limited to selected candidates.