Third International Conference on Engineered Living Materials

21.06.2022, 09.00 Uhr23.06.2022, 16.00 Uhr | Saarbrücken

The Third International Conference on Engineered Living Materials (ELMs) will gather the communities of material scientists, synthetic biologists, biotechnologies, and biophysicists interested in programming and creating biohybrid materials with life-like capabilities.

Engineered Living Materials open new avenues for resource-efficient fabrication of high-performance materials, and envision materials with unprecedented property combinations like integrated multifunctionality, adaptability, resilience, or evolvability. The recent developments and future of this rapidly growing field will be presented and discussed at the conference.

Session Topics

  • New avenues for sustainable materials production
  • Programming material’s multifunctionality in living components
  • New approaches to ELM processing
  • Materials with new sensory functions
  • Programming resilience in material’s design
  • Visions for adaptability and evolvability in ELMs
  • Living Therapeutic Materials
  • ELM’s pathway to the market