Women Interactive Materials Award 2023

28.09.2023, 00.51 Uhr00.00 Uhr | Leibniz-DWI, Aachen

For talented, creative, and passionate young female researchers working in the field of active and interactive materials - organized by DWI Aachen

We are living in a material world. Static materials can be rendered dynamic by programming them to respond and even interact with their environment in a spatio-temporally controlled manner, giving rise to new properties and functions. They are designed to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to assure the efficient use of resources and energy, high-quality personalized healthcare, and smart information and communication technologies. At the DWI - Leibniz Institute for Interactive Materials in Aachen, Germany, an interdisciplinary team of synthetic macromolecular chemists, chemical engineers, biotechnology experts, and physicists is developing materials with advanced properties and active functions, inspired by nature’s life-based materials.


  • 1st place 10.000€ prize money and 2.500€ for each of the 2 runner-ups


  • Aimed at accomplished female researchers on the postdoc career level
  • Very accomplished late-stage Ph.D. students with a clear research vision
  • Very early-stage independent group leaders (max. 7 years after receiving Ph.D. + explained reason for break) will also be considered in the competition
  • Scientists with faculty or tenure track positions are not eligible to participate


  • Open Call for Contributions: starting 3rd April
  • Deadline for submission: 5th June
  • WIMA on-site event, 28th September at DWI in Aachen

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