LGT partners are presenting at 3D Cell Culture 2023

17.04.2023, 08.00 Uhr19.04.2023, 14.00 Uhr | Freiburg

Models, Applications & Translation: With the INM (Saarbrücken), the DWI (Aachen) and the IPF (Dresden) three members of Leibniz Health Technologies will present their research on on bioactive materials and applications in 3D cell cultures with a joint booth "µTissueFab-consortium" at the 3DCC 2023 in Freiburg.

The 3D Cell Culture 2023 conference will focus on advanced and predictive 3D cell culture models. Main topics of the 7th conference of the 3DCC series are latest trends in development, biology and applications of organoids, the biology in Microphysiological Systems, new developments in the field of Personalised Medicine, the path from 3D cell cultures to cell-based therapies, as well as enabling technologies for standardisation and scalability.

In addition to scientific presentations, the exhibition will showcase practical applications, products and solutions and further stimulate discussion between researchers, solution providers and users.