Frontiers in Redox Biology and Medicine (FiRBaM) – 8th Young Professionals Workshop on Plasma Medicine

The Frontiers in Redox Biology and Medicine (FiRBaM) 2019 meeting in Greifswald focuses on a broad variety of topics related to reactive species diagnostics and research as well as their biomedical consequences.

Keynotes will be held by Dr. Eric Robert (Scientific director at GREMI Orléans, France) and Dr. Carsten Berndt (Group Leader "Thiology" at the Department of Neurology, Düsseldorf, Germany).

A range of disciplines will be included in the programme involving ROS formation and its consequences, including biophysics, biochemistry, biology and biomedicine.  Participants should be graduate students or postdocs up to 5 years aftser PhD graduation.

Participation fee:140 € (free accommodation, economy class travelling costs up to 150 € waivered)

Date: 5-8 August 2019

Place: MaJuWi Greifwald Eldena, Gemany